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How to backup iTunes library to DVD on Mac?

I have a lot of movies in my iTunes library. Now I have to restore my Mac. I need to backup all these movies to DVD disk. Is there any way to backup iTunes library to DVD on Mac? Thanks in advanced.|||It's a pity to delete all your favorite movies from your iTunes library. It is also the worst thing that your Mac crash down and all your movies from iTunes library are missing. Act up, backup iTunes library to DVD disk on Mac to prevent from missing wonderful movies. Here I recommend iTunes library to DVD backup software for Mac which enables you to backup iTunes library to DVD on Mac easily and simply on Mac. You will find it's helpful鈥?/a>|||Apple got a support page for this question.|||you know iTunes can only play mp4 or h.264? you can try to convert the DVD movie into mp4 or h.264. try to use leawo free dvd to ipod converter, it must can help you. i am using it for my iTouch is free with no watermark. and it is easy to use. i download the Windows version from here.--------------------鈥?/a> if the MAC version is needed, download from are some steps:

1, open the program and put your DVD into ur computer, of course lol

2, click load DVD to find the DVD files.

3, setting. set something you can find on the program, like merge some clip into one, and which folder do you want to put the mp4 in

4, click start then wait till you got the mp4 files

5, you can drag and drop the mp4 file into the iTunes, then sync it into the iPod. Or you can copy your mp4 files into the video folder on your iPod too. if you are still confuse, you can check this guide for more details----------------------



wish help and good luck.

How much does a library assistant earn in Australia?

One of my friends are moving there.And she works as a library assistant.So she wants to no whats the weekly income of a library assistant in Australia.Thanks|||not much i can tell you that for sure|||don't know! let me know when you find out.

How do I move IPOD itunes data and library to an external hard drive smoothly?

My entire itunes library including actual music files are stored on my ipod rather than my computer, is there a way to seamlessly transfer my ipod data to my new external had drive?

*I'm PC*|||Heh, that's dangerous - you can lose everything on your iPod that way...

Connect your iPod to your PC in Hard Drive mode, then copy the files to any directory on the external hard drive. Fire up iTunes and tell it to change the location of the stored files, and put in the external drive's directory. iTunes will pick up everything there and re-create your library from scratch. Use the iPod in manual mode so iTunes does not automatically strip the iPod of files.|||I think it’s crazy that Apple don’t allow this to happen in iTunes with a simple drag and drop, it’s probably down to DRM and legal stuff. But there is a work around which is useful particularly if the only copy of your library you have is on your iPod!

1. Open iTunes and click Edit %26gt; Preferences… then select the “Advanced” tab, within the Advanced tab select the “General” tab.

The location path under “iTunes Music folder location” is where all your music will be kept, this will need to be pointed to your external hard-drive.

Typically it is something like this C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Music though it can be changed to whatever you like, so plug in your hard-drive and specify it accordingly.

Put a check in the “Keep iTunes Music folder organized” box.

2. Connect your iPod, once it appears under DEVICES in iTunes click on it to access the controls, on the Summary tab ensure there is a check in the “Enable disk use” box.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your iPod is "manually managed"! DO NOT SYNC!

3. Click on “My Computer” and locate the iPod device, double click to see its contents.

Typically you’ll see folders for “Calendars”, “Contacts” and “Notes” and nothing else as the music is hidden.

To locate the music we need to make it visible. In the explorer window click on Tools %26gt; Folder Options… then click on the View tab, under Files and Folders / Hidden files and folders make sure there is a check next to “Show hidden files and folders”.

You should now see a folder called “iPod_Control” within the folder is another directory called “Music” which contains all of the music files on your iPod, however these files are randomly named and randomly placed into directories called F00, F01, F02 etc. so there is no way of easily identifying specific songs or albums

Highlight all of the F## folders and right click selecting “Copy”. Now browse to the iTunes music folder we identified in step 1. Right click New %26gt; Folder and name it “_IPOD” open the directory and right click within it selecting “Paste”.

N.B The files will now start copying across, before doing this it might be worth checking you have sufficient space!

Once the files have copied into your new “_IPOD” folder, select them all and right click selecting “Properties” remove checks from both the “Read-only” and “Hidden” boxes and apply the changes to all files and folders.

Now go to iTunes, select File %26gt; Add Folder to Library… browse to the iPod music folder, as previously identified and select the folder we created called “_IPOD” and click “OK”. iTunes will now begin to add the files to it’s library whilst simultaneously renaming and filing them.

Done.|||If your Ipod plugs into your pc , then you can do it, if you have the cord and cd that came with you Ipod, have you enough USB ports? If not put themon you hard drive them to your external

How do you transfer movies that I have purchased on my iphone to my itunes library?

I ask this because i really want to update my iPhone but it won't sync my movies to my library. Whenever I click update it says that I shouldn't do so because I still have purchased items that have not been backed up. Please help!|||If all your files were purchased from iTunes store, use "Transfer Purchases" option to transfer. See

If some of your songs were from other sources, you will need to utilize some iPhone transfer program to help you, like this handy program called Tansee iPhone Transfer鈥?/a>

Many of my friends are using it for its easy and safe transfer. The whole process goes as follows:

Firstly install this program on your computer. When you connect your iPhone to the computer, this program would instantly display all music and videos on your iPhone. All you need is to select what you wish to transfer and click "Copy" button. Done. All your selected files will be copied to your selceted folder on the computer safely. Now you can easily add those files to the iTunes library.

More importantly, this won't overwrite any original files on your iPhone.

Here is step-by-step guide on the whole process:鈥?/a>

Hope this can help.

You can also search more others at|||Plug in your iphone and go iTunes "File" -%26gt; " Transfer Purchases". If it doesn't work, you can use an iphoneto computer transfer program to help.I personally use Cucusoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer.It helps me to transfer my songs/videos/photos/playlists etc from iphone to my computer directly and safely.It works well for me.

Free download it at:鈥?/a>

Hope it helps.

You can keep asking on or use to search more|||Simply,

1. Open iTunes

2. Right click on your phone

3. Select "Transfer Purchases"

4. Update your iPhone

-Chris|||Full guide: Transfer songs, videos, photos and playlists from iPhone to Computer鈥?/a>


How to delete non existing entries from iTunes library?

Is there a way to delete all the iTunes library items that have the exclamation mark meaning the file doesn't exist? Winamp is awesome for having this function. I'm on mac.|||try this:鈥?/a>|||I had this problem with over 2000songs, I finished up deleting the who;e library and then re-imported my iTunes folder to the library. It worked a treat, no more exclamation marks.
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  • How should I dress while volunteering at the library?

    Tomorrow I start my volunteer duties at the library. The YA supervisor told me to to dress nicely, but all my nice shirts are tie-dyed. What do I wear?|||Tie-dyed is fine for a library! With jeans and comfortable shoes. I have been to many libraries in my time but never one with a dress code. Wear whatever you would wear to school.

    Be aware that the work you are asked to do might require some physical labor. They save that for volunteers! 8^) So dress comfortably.|||I agree with the others. A polo and dark wash jeans, or nice black pants will look good. You can get a few different colors in the polo or a button-down shirt.|||Wear a nice pair of dress pants and a nice shirt. You might have to go shopping.|||just some khaki pants and maybe a polo. Aeropostale has $10 polos and almost everywhere has khakis

    How do I get songs from my Limewire library to iTunes?

    I used to be able to just drag the songs from my Limewire library straight to "my iTunes" but now it won't allow me to do it. Is there any other way to get the songs there?|||right after they are done downloading drag them from the downloads section and place them into whatever itunes folder you want, that's what i do